Decorative Gravel Systems

Recycled Glass Surfacing

DBi Services decorative, low maintenance gravel surface treatments will transform urban environments and rural settings into attractive landscapes.

A wide range of aggregates are available comprising different colours and sizes. The end result is an attractive, well textured surface having good slip resistance properties.

100% recycled industrial coloured glass is bonded to the pavement with a polymer resin binder through a proprietary coating process, a pulverizing system removes sharp edges making the product safe. The product is an environmentally-sound investment, able to withstand years of roadway use while maintaining its durability, colour-fastness, and friction rating.

Recycled glass surfacing is ideal for a variety of demarcation purposed such as cycle and bus lanes and is available in a wide range of colours. The recycling of the glass diverts away from landfills, reducing mining of natural gas.

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