Core Values

Core Values

The DeAngelo brothers’ success was due to hard work, a commitment to quality and never deviating from their seven Core Values, which include:

(1) Customer Service

We must always service the customer like they are the only one we have, delivering safe, cost-effective, reliable service that meets agreed upon customer expectations.

(2) Employee Development

We must always provide all employees with the opportunity to grow professionally within the company, as well as personally, by encouraging personal initiative, treating each other with respect and communicating openly.

(3) Growth

We must always set aggressive yet realistic growth plans, taking into consideration the most efficient opportunities first.

(4) Flexibility

We must always be perceptive to the ever-changing needs of all our stakeholders, and remain flexible and willing to make the necessary changes to meet their demands.

(5) Pride

We must always take pride in everything we do, giving complete attention to every detail.

(6) Safety

We must always provide our employees, customers and the public we work within a safe environment through our everyday work efforts, by promoting safety policies and programs and demonstrating the importance of safety through our own actions and communications.

(7) Profit

We must always maintain adequate profits to provide us with the financial resources that are necessary for us to accomplish our long-term vision.

The DBi Services’ Core Values have not changed during our many years of operation, and they are as strongly held by our staff today as ever.

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