Bridge and Tunnel Management

Bridge and Tunnel

DBi Services provides maintenance, management and operations services for bridges and tunnels. All regular preventative maintenance services for bridges and tunnels are performed by highly trained project professionals to ensure asset preservation and operation.

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Bridge RepairsDBi has a wide range of bridge repair services including joint repair, concrete repair, high friction surfacing and crack repair. All DBi bridge repairs are completed quickly by experienced technicians with minimal traffic interruptions.
Bridge Structure Cleaning CraneDBi Services cleans all elements of bridge substructures, including bearing/retaining walls, piers, pier seats, beams and wing walls. Depending upon asset accessibility, DBi Services may utilize either an under bridge inspection crane or a bucket truck to perform these services.
Deck PatchingDBi Services provides pavement patching services for both asphalt and concrete bridge deck surfaces. From a minor pothole repair to replacing an entire section of concrete, DBi Services’ experienced pavement technicians provide expert, long lasting repairs. All deck patching work is quickly and efficiently, minimizing traffic delays and disruptions on the bridge.
Deck SealingDBi Services provides bridge deck sealing services using its High Friction Surfacing Treatment (HFST), which is applied by the world’s only automated application truck. A layer of high strength epoxy is spread uniformly over the bridge deck by the application truck. This epoxy seals the surface of the deck and also firmly holds bauxite aggregate that is evenly applied on top of the epoxy.
Graffiti RemovalDBi Services offers graffiti removal using a number of different methods, as well as protective coating services designed to reduce the cost of future graffiti removal. Removal methods include chemical removal, sandblasting, soda blasting, paint over and protective coatings.
Roadway MarkersIn general, there are two types of markers (reflectors). Both are extremely valuable to delineate travel lanes and to help enhance pavement markings. The removal of existing pavement markings is required for a number of reasons.
Pressure WashingDBi Services offers low, medium, and high pressure washing services. Pressure washing can be used for cleaning sewers, drains, buildings, walls, sidewalks, loading docks, vehicles and equipment.
Sign MaintenanceDBi Services is a leader in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of all types of signage, including transportation, commercial, informational, historical, and custom. DBi Services has earned a reputation for quality and craftsmanship, employing experienced sign manufacturing personnel at its facility in Italy.
Slope ProtectionPreventing slope erosion extends the life of the paved roadway surface. Slope protection is accomplished through the addition of topsoil, geotextile fabrics rip-rap materials and gabions Seed and fertilizer suitable for the region and season are also integrated into slope protection programs.
Line StripingSince 1984, DBi Services has applied millions of feet of line striping to improve traffic movement and safety. DBi Services is an expert in applying various road markings through machine lining or hand application using thermoplastic, preformed thermoplastic or methyl methacrylate.
Bridge and Roadway SweepingStreet and parking lot sweeping helps to insure proper drainage, and facilitates the inspection and maintenance of roads and parking lots. Sweeping also provides a clean surface for activities such as line striping or crack sealing and aides in maintaining proper roadway traction.
Topside Bridge CleaningAlthough done somewhat for aesthetic reasons, bridge deck cleaning is performed for practical purposes as well. On the top side of a bridge, decks, expansion joints and drainage systems must be kept clean to function properly.
Tunnel WashingDBi Services utilizes its high pressure (3,000 to 5,000 PSI) hot water systems for tunnel washing. DBi Services is equipped to perform all phases of tunnel washing, including traffic control required to set up lane closures.
Vegetation ManagementDBi Services leads the industry in the fight against invasive and noxious weeds. DBi Services delivers the most cost-efficient vegetation management solutions to its customers throughout the world.