Railroad On Track Vegetation Management

Branch Line, Main Line, and Yard Track Programs

Vegetation control in track areas is important in your effort to maintain the entire track structure.

DBi Services has a large fleet of hi-rail and off-track trucks strategically located throughout the United States to service all regions.

Vegetation control can help your operation in a number of important ways:

Ballast Areas

  • Maintaining proper drainage
  • Allowing ties, fastenings and switches to be inspected
  • Increasing the life of ties
  • Preventing wheel slippage

Shoulders and Areas Adjacent to Ballast

  • Keeping walkways clear
  • Reducing fire hazard
  • Maintaining drainage
  • Improving visibility


  • Maintaining safety and appearance
  • Permitting proper inspection of track
  • Facilitating track maintenance
  • Reducing fire hazards

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Rail Yard Spraying    Railroad Spraying Close Up
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